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People want you to have an online presence

Each week, I talk to many people about website development and I've found that there's a lot of confusion out there regarding what a website actually is. 

Some people have an online directory listing similar to the Yellow Pages and call that their website.  Some have a Facebook page and others have an email contact form and say that they offer "online appointments".

In reality, your website is the focal point for advertising your services AND interacting with your clients.

The other avenues are important, but they should be used to point customers to your website.  Once they're on your website, that's where the potential exists to turn them from browsers into people making appointments. 

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Let me start with the bold statement that your small business needs a website!

It is the most valuable weapon in your advertising arsenal!People want you to have an online presence

1. People Are Looking For You!

People will find you by searching on the internet for “Chiropractors in Jindalee”. If you don’t have a website, you’ll be next to invisible. Even worse, they’ll find your competitor’s website and take their patronage there!

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