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What BookingTimes does:

  • Organizes scheduling, staff, reminders & follow ups
  • Manages payments, invoicing & client details
  • Automates marketing
  • Tracks your financials & commissions
  • Turns your website into a 24/7 booking engine

All in one robust, easy platform...

Effortless Business Strategy

There is an easier way to manage your staff schedules, chase payments, ensure everyone shows up, manage your financials and keep in contact with your clients.

For over 10 years, we've been creating an all-in-one system to automate your day-to-day business activities and give you the time & tools to grow your business.

Smart Business Technology

Making Business Easy

With Personalized Business Tools

Single Place Scheduling

Single Place Scheduling

Each staff member has their own schedule with customized availability which everyone can book in real-time without ever making a phone call.

See the booking details at a glance and drill in for detailed payment information, invoices, session notes and full client history.

Single Place Scheduling
Track Client History
Track Client History

Full Client History

Search for your clients via phone numbers or a partial names.

All client information can be easily accessed including booking history, notes, referral letters, alerts, custom fields and more.

Packages & Gifts

Sell Gift Vouchers

Stop missing out on the pre-Christmas sales fever.

Create & sell gift voucher packages for major holidays directly on your website. Forget answering the phone, gift vouchers can be bought and redeemed online.

Packages & Gifts
Automated Marketing
Automated Marketing

Simple, Powerful Marketing

Target customers emails or phones with targeted promotions and latest news.

Send them back to your website to buy from you.

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