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Integrated Website

Keep your clients on your domain with a fully integrated website, back office, accounting software, email campaign, shopping cart, and client relationship management - if that wasn't enough - you can also schedule webinars, offer online courses, sell gift cards, and let your clients log in. Keeping your customers where they already feel comfortable drives further conversions, and also drive your search engine rankings higher.

Integrated Payments

Payment processing and payment reconciliation with no secret keys - no complicated integrations - we did it all for you. When setting up your BookingTimes system system, the payment integration is done for you. Our custom integration allows for you to take payments, track transaction ID's, issue refunds, and get the money deposited directly into your bank account with full transparency. (We will even let you know which transactions are in each batch and which ones are headed your way.) 

Integrated SMS

Communication is key! BookingTimes has integrated SMS reminders, allows you to SMS individual customers as well as targeted groups of customers using the marketing tools, and lets you manage your SMS conversations (including inbound SMS from customers!) from the dashboard.

Integrated Accounting

Keep close tabs on each and every dollar you generate in your business - From the moment the payment is taken down to the moment it hits your bank account you'll have full traceability.  Gone are the days you had to reconcile each payment to ensure you actually received the money. Our extensive reports are fully exportable and accessible by your accountant (if you even still need one!) Make the dreaded tax season a breeze with full breakdowns on your service offerings, costs associated, and income.

More BookingTimes Automation Features

Liability Reporting

Know which services you still owe your clients and what that amounts to.

Marketing Sequence Triggers

Send multi-step emails to clients based on their direct engagement with your customers.

Multi-Location Management

Manage each location as it's own unique entity and classify successes and limitations.

Advanced Income Reports

Breakdown your income by payment type, service type, location, and outcome.

Payroll Calculation

Save hours and hours of time in payroll calculation, and set your own rules for payment.

Sell services as gifts

Sell your services, packages, or account credits to capitalize on gift giving season. 

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