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Once upon a time you'd find a domain name, pick your CMS (where the site lives), attempt to build your site, pray someone sees it (or that they don't if it's ugly), pay for hosting, pay for all the plugins: schedule, email, security, marketing, payment processing and then pay someone to set it all up after you smash your computer against the wall because configuring it all is killing your soul slowly - After it was all set up and working approximately 20% of the time.... you'd shake with fear when you are forced to do an update because you know  without a doubt - one of the plugins is going to break the whole system, or you were hacked and can't access it anyway. Don't be that's highly unnecessary. 

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A Website (That Works)

The most important part of a service based business is not the website - it's the service. The website is a conduit to you performing your service, and should tell your story well - not cost you a fortune.

Email & SMS Reminders (Custom)

Need an email? We can help with that - Want to send text message reminders so your customers remember that they paid you for the lesson they booked (probably yesterday) - we can hep with that too.

Online Scheduling (No Plugins)

If your customer finds your site, they should stay on your site - trust us, it helps your rankings. Going off site, or using a fickle plugin is just no way to treat your customers. 

Online Payments (Already Integrated)

Skip the complicated setup and configuration of a plugin with no guarantees- BookingTimes has a built in payment processing system that is not only (very) secure, but lets you manage all of your transactions, refunds, cancellation fees and more in your dashboard. 

Kick start Your Business And Brand

Growing your bottom line means growing your expenses - usually. However, investing in your company at the right time in order to reduce your overhead for the long term ROI is not only wise, it's necessary.

A Website

In order to establish yourself as a credible business, a website is necessary.

An Online Schedule

For service based business, there is nothing more valuable than time management.

Payment Processing

If you plan to make money, people should be able to pay you in a very simple way. 


Nothing will run a customer off faster than staring at a screen that won't load. 

Online Bookings

Make it easy for people to book a lesson when they want, where they want, with who they want

Products & Gift Cards

Allow people to buy in bulk, snag a limited time offer, or gift your services. bookings & get their invoices

Newsletters & Coupons

Stay relevant by staying present - bulk newsletters (free btw) and coupons at your discretion. automatically

Reputation is everything

Build our online rep by asking for reviews right as someone finishes a service.

Appointment Reminders

Sent by email, SMS or both - missed appointments cost money and time. need in an audit is easy

Custom Profiles

Stay in compliance, and keep detailed records on your clients their bookings & payments. data and keep it safe.

System Based Refunds

Stop searching for transactions - if you need to issue a refund, simply press "New Refund"ep your records for as long as you need, and systematically remove PII info when time's up

Reviews Reviews Reviews

Asking for a review is hard - we take the humility out of it and send it automatically! that is re-certified annually

Analytics Integration

Get your Google Analytics report right from your dashboard. 99.99% up time!

Income Reports

Know every dollar you made, how it was paid, who paid it, and what it was for. course

Multiple Locations

Nothing great ever stood still - spread your wings with multi-location bookings. is critical

Fully branded Emails

All communication will be sent as you prefer - but it will be consistent & branded happy people = 5 stars

More than 40% of all bookings happen after business hours.

LCA Insider Study

More than 80% of all bookings happen online.

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Never Miss a client

Customers and money don’t roll in just because you have a sign on the door. It’s not enough to just exist anymore, you have to compete. You may be a start up, but once we are done with you, you will look like the business professional that you are - and your growing customer base will love you for it.

24-7 booking


gift cards

online payments

Customer Portal

Booking History

Payment History

Progress Tracking





Integrated Website

Integrated Payments

Integrated SMS

Integrated Accounting

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Questions are good - great answers are even better. We strive to address not only the questions you have now, but the ones you will have in the future as well.

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