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24/7 Online Bookings

If your staff is available, their services should be as well. Set your business, and your staff up to win by offering availability while simultaneously managing the way in which the time is booked. We offer a suite of options including: maximum bookings per period (ex. 1 booking per week), minimum service lengths, location specific pricing, and more. Allowing sales opportunity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week not only increases revenue, but improves customer relations.

Package Sales

Why sell 1 at a time when you can sell 10 at a time. Offering volume discounts increases the per client booking ratio and improves the overall business operations. Set specific values for the services within the packages (we call them vouchers) to ensure that commissions paid on a percentage are accurate, refund calculations are spot on, and clients know what they have remaining at all times. All package can also be gifted, offered discount codes, or transferred (so long as you want it done that way). All packages are also trackable, and those which have not been redeemed are available to view in both the client profile as well as your liability report.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are crucial for businesses as they offer multiple benefits. They encourage customer loyalty, driving repeat visits and fostering brand engagement. Gift cards can attract new customers through word-of-mouth referrals. They boost cash flow when cards are sold upfront but used over time. Furthermore, gift cards often lead to higher sales, as recipients may spend more than the card's value. Overall, gift cards enhance revenue, customer base, and brand recognition, contributing significantly to a business's success.

Online Payments

Online payments and reconciliation are vital for modern businesses. Embracing online payments expands customer reach globally, facilitating seamless transactions 24/7. This enhances convenience and customer satisfaction. Reconciliation ensures accurate financial records by matching online transactions with bank statements, reducing errors and fraud risks. Real-time reconciliation enhances decision-making. Overall, these processes streamline operations, reduce costs, and build trust among customers, promoting sustained growth and financial stability.

More Website Sales Features

Built in Processing

2.75% + .30 (US) 1.75% + .30 (AUD)

Built in Afterpay

Get paid upfront - customers make payments

Discount Coupons

Offer incentive for leads to become clients

Lead Capture

Capture client details and market to their needs

Recurring Billing

Set up loyalty discount pricing, and memberships

All Services Can Be Gifted

Never limit the options of your clients

Start Today - Less Stress Tomorrow

Powerful results, no contracts, and human support

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