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Success Induced Depression - Side Effects of Success

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If you’ve attained any level of success, personally or professionally - you’re likely to recognize the division it creates in your personal life. People you once connected with, no longer have interest in dealing with your busy schedule, your postponed golf sessions, the fishing trip that isn’t likely to happen any time soon, or the missed date you promised, over and over. 

Success may beget success, but it also requires a large investment of one commodity that cannot be recouped, time. Unfortunately, unless you predicated every relationship in your life with a disclaimer that was signed and notarized, you’re likely to take the brunt of the punishment for doing exactly what you told them you were going to do, succeed. Outlining expectations beforehand will become a common place in your life for those you plan on keeping. Those who choose to deal with your vacancy after being fully informed, will be those who understand your drive and determination. Who are these people? They’re people just like you. They get it. 

When consulting with major businesses from around the world, we have taken notice in a few common themes.

  1. Growth is usually prohibited by secondary issues, such as operations, culture, process, procedure, etc.
  2. The real problem always starts at the top - the leadership of the company and their attitude towards the work.
  3. All top level executives suffer from the same affliction - isolation & loneliness derived from success.

This tongue in cheek reality is almost always a factor, once we peel back the layers of secondary “issues.” And those secondary issues typically self mitigate once  management recognizes the cracks in their foundation. 

If you starve a fire, it will burn out. 

If you feed a fire, it will grow.

Every organization has their own flavor of management style, from the military based “ranking” to the new age “everyone is equal” in theory application. Regardless, a pay raise typically comes  with a label change, and a label change creates a separation between your employees, sometimes drawing a divide that needs a little help to be bridged. 

Fundamentally, this is necessary for successful operations. You need qualified people making qualified decisions on behalf of the company, without a constant interaction from the owner. Without this hierarchy, the company will be bottlenecked by a single individual, and will not grow. 

Having qualified people means you need to be aware of the risk associated with extinguishing their flame due to the division. 

While it may seem “touchy feely” to insinuate that “everyone needs someone” it’s true. Whether that’s someone to offer insight into issues that arise, simply listen and be a sounding board, or someone that can commiserate, strategize with, or be support (backed by understanding) - this type of collegial interaction will be paramount to the success of your organization. 

So what? Go to some hokey get together, sit around a fire, sing kumbaya and hold hands? 

Ha! Who the has time for that sh*t? 

No - however, what if you were a part of an organization that was full of people just like you, in positions just like you, with real lives - just like you…..who could offer you advice on hiring, firing, positioning, or marketing. 


Strategy  Meetings

You know you better than we do - or at least you think you do. Picking up the phone for a reality check may not be a bad idea. Just to check in, bounce some ideas, get feedback - or just talk to someone who isn’t going to need anything from you.  Hence the reason we have created an open schedule for our clients to use.

Yeah, we charge for it. But be honest, you wouldn’t value it if we didn’t. Get your money’s worth, we dare you. And no, we didn’t name it some frilly needy name, and you won’t get frilly needy answers. You will get the truth.

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