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Jump start your business in the New Year

By Adam
Business Tips

Hopefully, you're full of food, are fully rested and are ready to break into the new year with new ideas and motivation!

There's a malaise after the holidays season though that we can easily bust through by working a little smarter.

Send a Newsletter via Email

Remember that communication with your customers is a great way to build ongoing rapport and builds loyalty.  An email reminds your customers that you're open for business and you're ready to assist them in the new year.

Don't just send them an "open for business" email though.  Send them something substantial that adds to their life and makes them engage with what you're communicating.

Think of when you email your mum.  You don't say "Hi mum, what's for dinner?"  You share a part of your life's journey with her and she shares part of her life's journey with you.  Obviously, your customers aren't your mum.  But if you apply the same deep relationship principles when dealing with clients, you build relationship and loyalty.

Create a Blog Article

Add something to your site.  Something for Google to search on and for your customers to read.  Literally anything goes! 

Here's a few ideas for you to share:

  • A post-Christmas recipe.
  • Something that encouraged you in the holiday break.
  • A funny story that happened.
  • A list of presents you received but would like to swap with your customers.
  • If you're really motivated, a list of how your services can benefit your clients to get into the swing of their work again.

You don't have to be an award winning writer.  People want to engage with you - they don't care about how you write it. 

Offer a Holiday Discount

Business is still usually slow to start?  Send your customers an email and offer them a discount if they book in January. Who can't resist a good deal!!

An even better option is to give a ridiculously good discount to existing clients if they refer a new client to you in the month of January.  That's going to return your existing clients AND increase your client base at the same time!  

Enjoy your Day!

The key to happiness is simply enjoy each day based on what that day brings you.  Be yourself and enjoy the moments that the day brings.  Here's a great, timeless saying:

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.  That is why it's called "the present".


Have a great year ahead!