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Running your own business can be overwhelming, adding the complexity of managing multiple schedules of driving instructors can be daunting. There are so many decisions that need to be made. Taxes that need to be filed. Websites to update. Schedules and appointments to keep track of. It can often feel like there’s just too much for one person to do and guess what, you’re right! Why reinvent the wheel when you can outsource some of this work to others in a thoughtful, easy to use system?

When it comes to choosing a platform to support your growing driving school, there are many things to consider preliminary; 

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One of my favorite things to do is to talk to other business owners.  I'm always looking at why some businesses are more successful than others.

I've got 3 essential rules on how to reach your success.

1. Define Success

I grew up thinking success was to be like Michael Jackson who would come home to his Neverland Ranch complete with tigers, monkeys and all kinds of exotic things.

After finishing school and university, I thought success was running up the corporate ladder and becoming more and more involved in the design and management.

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One of my recent undertakings is to swim 30 laps at the local pool.  I don't particularly like using up valuable time to do exercise, however, it's incredibly refreshing and there's plenty of time to think about things while following a thin black line.

I've been getting much fitter and I've been noticing a regular improvement in my endurance and speed.  Not to mention that I can now do tumble turns at the end of each lap!

As I was pondering on my improvement and admiring my own prowess in the pool, I thought "I'm doing so fine, that obviously someone is going to notice my fine form, my fast speeds, my flawless technique and then meet me at the end of a lap and sign me up to the Olympic team."  I was a little disappointed that they weren't there when I finished.

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I was reading some of Seth Godin's material today about how when someone takes an idea from someone else, it's not stolen but it grows. We all benefit from ideas that grow. An example he used was nobody knows how to make a computer mouse. You at least need a metallurgist, a plastics expert, a technical engineer and a software developer to make all the individual pieces before it's even assembled. It's the connection of all of those people that bring value to the customer.

Our businesses are based on the same principles. We have suppliers, accountants, book keepers, tax agents, couriers, landlords etc. We coordinate all of these all working parts before we can even open our doors.

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Hopefully, you're full of food, are fully rested and are ready to break into the new year with new ideas and motivation!

There's a malaise after the holidays season though that we can easily bust through by working a little smarter.

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