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Kyla P - Software Developer Ninja

Kyla P - BookingTimes Asst Mgr Of Software Development

Kyla PAsst Mgr of Software Development

Kyla has moved the needle on BookingTimes far more than she would ever give herself credit for. A humble aficionado of back-end development, Kyla leads with quiet confidence and a work ethic we all wish to replicate and emulate. If you'd like to see some of Kyla's personal work in action, check out our online Learning Management System - build, sell, and proctor courses. (Available on every platform.)

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    Kyla is one of the most fierce women working at BookingTimes - you may not know it by her soft tone, but she is a true warrior in every regard.

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    Not everyone can stare at line after line of code and pin point the exact moment that code may not function up to her standard - but Kyla can.

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    The entire LMS system in BookingTimes was designed and developed by Kyla - not to mimic any other LMS, but to reflect the needs of our clients.

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    Kyla handles a large number of our technical support questions and also weighs in on feature requests! If you ever find a bug - Kyla is likely to be on the team squashing it.

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