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Start by setting your parameters - you can opt into using our proctored monitoring (pictures taken of the student during the process at set intervals) to ensure you have the right student, our time restrictions to ensure they have completed the necessary requirements, and even require an accessor signoff before sending them their automated completion certificate (which comes signed by the owner or the instructor). 

Develop Your Course Content

It's your content - developed your way. When developing a course on the BookingTimes system, you'll enjoy a multitude of media options to display your knowledge and convey it to your audience. If you have specific criterion for your course, such as proctoring, timing, assessor sign offs to demonstrate competency - we've got you covered.  

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Quiz Features

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Completion Certificates

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Gamification & Engagement

No one wants to spend 30 hours listening to a fella drone on and on about a subject they don't want to learn, but HAVE to learn. Engage your customers with gamification leader boards, badges for completion (all customizable), and a little friendly competition to keep things fresh and interesting. 

manage Your Students

Our system gives you a full detailed profile of each student, their tracked progress, and an image of them completing your course (if you need it!). Know where your students are, how you can help them, and when to send them a reminder about your next course, or their re-certification! (All automated, all built in, and all ready for you to get going). 

sell Your Courses Online

Quickly and efficiently sell your courses online - process the payment for the course, and track the progress all in one beautiful suite of services. Not a single plugin is necessary - aside from plugging in your creative mind, and sharing your expertise with the world. 

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Start growing your course volumes


$159 / month
$5 Per Enrollment
Save on enrollments

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