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Kennedy Karanja - BookingTimes Level 2 Support & Sales

Kennedy KaranjaLevel 2 Support & Sales

Kennedy is a brilliant mind, a glowing personality, and a diligently hard worker. Rain or shine, Kennedy is one of our front lines here at BookingTimes for any new and existing clients. Kennedy will be one of the first people you speak with if you are a new client, and he will continue to assist you through the entire journey of "new client" to a seasoned member of the BT family.

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    Kennedy continues to shock and awe our team by demonstrating new skills we didn't even know he had. Did you know Kennedy does MOST of the new configurations for BT? He does, and he's VERY good at it.

  • 02

    When we launched the new LMS system, Kennedy was the first person to develop a complete course in it for a client - he moved 30 hours of course page at a time.

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    Kennedy came to our team several years ago after getting suckered into doing some data organization for Carrie - he did such an amazing and efficient job (without complaint) that we forcefully asked him to stay.

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    If you're lucky enough to speak with Kennedy, it will be because you emailed support or sent an enquiry from the site. 

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