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Liza S

Yelizaveta S - BookingTimes Front End Developer

Yelizaveta SMAster Designer & Front End Dev

We call her Liza - which is short for "Legendary Intense Zealous Artist" (it's also an abbreviation for her name). Liza is the Michelangelo of front-end developers. Her approach to design is that of utter perfection and the code delivers her art with pure honesty. If you need someone to tell you how to improve your brand, your website, your outlook on life, or your business - we can guarantee a straight-to-the-point answer from Liza.

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    Liza once told Adam - ages ago that the old website was ugly and a new one was desperately needed. That was the day she became our favorite.

  • 02

    There are people who code, and people who design. It is relatively rare that someone can do both - Liza is a master of her trades.

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    We were humbled when Liza came to work for us the first time, and forever grateful when she returned after having her perfect baby boy.

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    Liza is on reserve for custom website designs and build outs - she doesn't do the smaller projects but is asked for her input frequently!

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