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Larena C - BookingTimes Customer Support

Larena C.Level 1 Customer Support

Larena is based in the United States but is a client favorite around the globe. She helps to support people through the early phases of their system use as well as teaching people how to maximize functionality.  Larena has a unique way of making sure everyone understands that there is no such thing as a stupid question. 

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    Larena has an exceptional list of talents that range anywhere from high-quality leather work, stained glass, and raising cattle all the way to friendly customer support here at BookingTimes.

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    We often refer to Larena when we need insight regarding the ease of use of BookingTimes - she is quick to point out anything we need improvement on, and what would make the lives of our clients better.

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    Larena is invaluable to our team and has a keen ability to look at complex situations that arise with our clients and find a simple and streamlined solution utilizing existing functionality.

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    Willing and able to help with any support questions, Larena can be found by emailing support almost every day of the week!

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