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Florencia S

Florencia S Software Developer

Florencia SueiroSoftware Developer 

Florencia joined the team in 2023 and has since wowed us with her exceptional attention to detail and software quality output. It appears there is no task too large or small for this smoothe operator. She has already begun to tackle conversion tracking that will make Google Analytics jealous and all of our clients lives a million times easier.

  • 01

    Florencia (who Carrie calls Flo Rida) has made a swift transition from Quality Control (in her former life) to  software development (in her new BT life)- and did it with flawless class.

  • 02

    A self motivated learner. Florencia is afraid of nothing and stares change, thinking outside of the box, and innovation in the face - smiles and simply shrugs. 

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    As one of the newest members of the BookingTimes team, Florencia has already carved her own space into the team and into our hearts She is a life long family member we are honored to have on board.

  • 04

    Florencia may be the only human on the planet who didn't over embellish her resume in any way - in fact, it was understated! (It's like winning the new hire lottery. Yay for us, and all BT clients.) 

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