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Emmely R

Emmely Rackemann - BookingTimes Senior Client Support Mgr.

Emmely RackemannSenior Client Support Mgr.

Emmely is the light of our company and ensures that not a single customer is ever left behind or forgotten. She spends her time ensuring our customers have what they need and offers support quickly and efficiently. Want to see her work? Check out our Support Site!

  • 01

    Emmely single handedly took on the knowledge base for BookingTimes and overhauled every article to help support her clients.

  • 02

    As a master communicator, Emmely puts the rest of us to shame in her ability to understand what a customer needs, and how to help them best.

  • 03

    With advanced technical writing skills, Emmely's background in development shines through as she helps to translate nerdy code into human language.

  • 04

    Emmely is a deep asset to BookingTimes and a constant reminder of the importance of each customer regardless of size, scope, or location!

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