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Carrie Mae Nelson

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Carrie Mae Nelson Senior Global Strategist & #2

Carrie Mae joins the team from the United States and offers a wealth of knowledge not only in regard to software integration, but also business development, management, and strategy. She also had to write her own profile, and henceforth really held back on her awesomeness because she's exceptionally humble (and perfect in every way).

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    Carrie has over 10 years of experience developing businesses from the ground up and has assisted thousands of our clients in doing the same.

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    Carrie's skill set includes the ability to curate a market saturation strategy for any service based business backed by research.

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    While SEO may not be her favorite topic, we give her no choice because she's stellar and a fierce competitor on any keyword, in any country.

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    Carrie works a series of exceptionally odd hours and requires a little notice for a meeting because she is far too willing to help everyone!

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