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Solutions for businesses of any size

From the largest enterprise customer to the brave solo entrepreneur - we offer a host of features that will make it easy to start, manage, and grow your business.

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small Businesses

Teams of 1-5 looking to build a successful service based business. 

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Growing Businesses

Teams of 6-150 looking for revenue growth, reporting, and automation.

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Teams of 50 with unique business requirements and SOP needs.

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What We Offer

BookingTimes provides a comprehensive suite of features and functionality designed for businesses of all sizes. Our clients can start with the basics, and add features as they develop their business.

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Efficient Automation

Automate invoices, reminders, follow up emails, completion certificates, review requests - all based on your customers actions.

Manage staff & Productivity

Tracking your efforts alongside of revenue change is a great way to start skillfully building your business, and learning where you will find the highest return.

Find, Convert, and Keep Customers

Customers today expect instant gratification along with convenience, availability, transparency, and control.

One system to Run It all 

No plugins, no updates, no security glitches - just solid software, reliably operating 24/7 to help you grow your business.

A Glance At Our Features

24-7 booking

Package Sales

Gift Cards

Online Payments

"Start a business they will be fun they said." The truth is, it can be. But for many, the enthusiasm of starting a business comes to a screeching halt when they realize how much effort will go into that one pesky but highly necessary issue... being online. Websites cost money, hosting costs money, payment processing costs money, scheduling software costs money, and you will need to figure out how to piece it all together, or pay someone to do it (also costs money) - while trying to navigate the fun world of ranking in the search engines (can cost a lot of money). Or - you can use the internet's first and only one stop solution for service based businesses, BookingTimes (that's us), and just go do what you do best.

Built in Processing

Built in Afterpay©

Discount Codes

Lead Capture

Recurring Billing

Accessible Profile

Booking History

Payment History

Progress Tracking

When was the last time you called to order a pizza, or spoke to the fine fellow who delivered it? (Yeah, us either)
Customers today demand instant gratification and options that fit their convenience first, followed by their needs, requirements, and often times - demands. BookingTimes makes it easy to sell your services (also known as: time) in a way that is efficient, effective, and within your control. Sell single services, packages of services, or gift cards. Allow your clients to pay for their services with their preferred method, redeem the vouchers for your services based on your availability, manage their bookings, check their progress and cancel (within your policy) without having to pick up the phone to call. To top it off, we will track and store all of that data for you - for as long as you tell us to, backed by full PCI and SOC2 compliance. (Those are nerd acronyms for very secure.)

Membership Options

Customizable Profiles

Service Based Intake Forms

ID Verification

2 Factor Authentication





If you run a service based business, who is going to answer the phones while you're assisting a customer or client? Who is going to remind your clients to show up, or be prepared? Who is going to build them a completion certificate or ask them to leave you a glowing review, because let's face it - you're awesome? There is only one you, and even if you have employees - their time is incredibly valuable (and costs you money), and limited to one thing at a time. Let your website do the heavy lifting, while you and your staff focus on great customer relations, outstanding service offerings, and some time to spend doing something.....anything really, other than payroll.

Two way SMS Dashboard 

Click to Pay Invoices

Staff Visible Earnings

Reputation Management

Review Request Feature

Integrated Website

Integrated Payments

Integrated SMS

Integrated Accounting

No software will ever replace the human connection needed to build a brand, but it can (and should) get the customers in front of you to connect with. Knowing how you are performing, where you are performing, who is finding you, how they are finding you, and managing your reputation are all important factors in the success of a business. Finding that information and compiling it has become a mission of our business. No more guess work, just raw data - at your fingertips, driving decision for your business.

Liability Reporting

Marketing Sequence Triggers

Multi Location Management

Advanced Income Reports

Payroll Calculation

Build Your Business Foundation

We have made DIY business easier than most of the crafts on Pinterest, and we never have fails. Build your business today with the full support of BookingTimes.


Choose Your Website Design

Choose one of our shiny website templates, bring a designer, get creative with our easy to use drag & drop website editor, or request a custom design from our in house design team.

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Tell Us About Your Business

Once you've picked your template, complete a simple form outlining your industry, business, the services you offer and how much you charge. Upload your logo and watch the magic happen. Our system will start compiling your website to match your brand, and configuring the backend to match your offering.


Publish Your Website

When you are ready to launch your business - simply let us know via your dashboard and we will get to work immediately. Sit back and enjoy automated sales, invoicing, reminders, and follow up - we've got it all covered.

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Our CEO at BookingTimes

“The key to success is doing lots of small things consistently well.”

Adam Clinckett - CEO & Fearless Leader

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