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The Business of Massage

BookingTimes combines everything from managing clients to invoicing and marketing. We help you to get new clients, streamline your clinic and manage your staff through your website.

Firstly, we move your website to our platform to use our tools and high performance servers and migrate your existing data so you keep a complete history in a single location.

Your site will get a mobile-friendly facelift and be easily updateable. Your data will be backed up constantly and secured with bank-level encryption.

Upgrades, hosting, email and total support is all included.

Upgrade Website

Your Schedules in One Place

Schedules are easily managed across ALL staff for a day, or for a single staff member for a week.

You can group staff with specific skills and restrict access for certain staff members.

All services are colour coded and you can enter everything including:

  • Individual appointments
  • Group sessions - catering for single or multiple client types
  • Administration tasks ie. meetings

Multiple locations are easy to setup and manage.

You keep full control over staff availability and what other people can see.

A quick glance at your day will show you which bookings have been confirmed and paid, which staff have been adding session notes and the session type.

Manage Schedule

Online Bookings 24/7

Online bookings allow you to accept bookings 24/7 and reduces the time you spend taking bookings over the phone.

You have full control over when people can book and what they can book.

Email & SMS alerts let you booking immediately synchronised on their schedule.

Online bookings can be turned off.

Online Bookings

Packages & Gift Vouchers

Clients can buy lesson packages or people can buy gift packages.

Discounted lesson prices are automatically reflected in trainers commission reports.

Gift packages are great at Christmas time, turning the holiday downtime into business uptime.


Room Allocation

Rooms can be allocated for each booking.

Overlapping room bookings are highlighted to prevent double bookings.

Room bookings are also sent in the daily runsheet so staff know where they're meant to be throughout the day.

Room Allocation

Runsheets & SMS Reminders

Get your daily schedule automatically emailed or SMS'd to your staff each day.

Your patients can also be sent booking confirmations and reminders via emails and/or SMS.

Confirmation for bookings is supported using both email and SMS, so you'll know who needs to be followed up well in advance.

All correspondence is automatic and you can completely configure it to suit your language style.

Runsheet & SMS Reminder

Easy Invoicing

The system automatically generates the invoice complete with the relevant health fund practitioner numbers, comments and client instructions.

A single click emails the invoice to your client.

A full history is kept of each client's booking, invoice, email and sms history.

Simple, easy and professional.

Track Client History

Keep Full Tabs on Your Clients

BookingTimes automatically tracks each client's full details and history including:

  • Contact details
  • Alerts
  • Emergency details
  • Booking history - paid, unpaid & cancellations
  • Account & Voucher Balance
  • Client Notes
  • Referral History
  • Progress sheets
  • Emails & SMS history
Track Client History

Treatment Notes

It's important to document your client's progress and any significant contact that you make with them.

You can document treatment notes, phone calls, administration meetings and anything else you can think of.

Templates can be setup for each type of treatment and you can drag and drop files and photos.

Notes are saved in draft form every 15 seconds to ensure that you don't accidentally lose your work.

Session Documentation


There's loads of reports including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly financials AND staff commissions. Some useful reports include:

  • Income breakdowns, income trends & forecasting
  • Staff commission reports
  • Outstanding payments
  • Clients requiring follow up, client demographics, lists and more
  • Trend reports for everything including bookings, revenue, location activity, staff utilisation, services and cancellations

If there's a report you need which we don't have, we'll gladly create one for you.



Marketing normally is thrown into the too hard basket. With the right tools, it can be much simpler.

Feedback Gathering

Whenever you send out an invoice, ask for feedback. Your clients can enter their feedback directly on your website which will boost your SEO and add a testimonials for other clients. The system will automatically send the client a thank you reply once published.

Targetted Emailing

You can mass email clients or target sub-sections of clients eg. Send a targetted email to clients who haven't been in 6 months ago and offer them an discount package.

A great strategy is to write your email in your blog to give you great SEO benefits which can be sucked directly into your marketing email saving you time.

Targetted SMS

You can send targetted SMS to your clients for special offers to fill up blank spots in your schedule eg. This week only, $5 off your lesson with Pam.


Easy to Start

No doubt, it's a sounds daunting and time consuming... well it is for us.

We ask you for some business information, then we do everything including:

  • Creating your website on the BookingTimes platform.
  • Adding high quality, custom website content and images to make your business really shine.
  • Migrate all your data from your existing system.
  • Configuring all services.
  • Creating all your staff accounts.
  • Give you 1 on 1 training on how to use the system and get the most out of it.

All of that is done while you use your current systems without any interruption to you. When you're ready, we'll go live over the weekend with your latest data.

It will be as if you've been using BookingTimes for years.


Glenn Evans - Massage at Home

Glenn Evans

I have been using BookingTimes for approximately two years. I have found the system very easy to use and the support and systems are second to none.

I like that things are kept simple and are easily explained.

I would highly recommend BookingTimes to anyone needing A1 booking and team management software.

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