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BookingTimes combines everything for running your Driving School into the world's most powerful software - your website. We help you to get new students, streamline your instructor and sell stuff for you, while you sleep.

Firstly, we move your website to our platform to use our tools and high performance servers and migrate your existing data so you keep a complete history in a single location.

Your site gets a mobile-friendly facelift and you can easily update it yourself without any technical skills.

Your existing data is brought over, backed up constantly and secured with banking level encryption.

All upgrades, hosting, email and total support are included.

Single Place Scheduling

Each of your instructors runs their schedule using the online diary on their phone or tablet.

They keep full control over their availability, notes and what students can see.

The instructor, their students and your office can make bookings in their online diary stopping the back-and-forth conversation with the instructor to find an available spot.

A simple glance at the diary shows the student's name, payment status, lesson type and pickup address.

Manage Schedule

Online Bookings 24/7

Online bookings allow you to accept bookings 24/7 and reduces the time you spend taking bookings over the phone.

If desired, you can take upfront deposits, lesson payments and even an optional credit card surcharge.

You and your instructors will be alerted and the booking immediately synchronised with their schedule.

Travel time between bookings is automatically allocated when a booking is made.

Online Bookings

Packages & Gift Vouchers

Let your students buy lesson packages or receive lesson packages a gift from their families.

There's no need for you to be involved, they can be bought and redeemed all through your website.

Any discounted lesson prices are automatically reflected in trainers commission.

Gift packages are great at Christmas time, turning the holiday downtime into business uptime.


Runsheets & SMS Reminders

Your instructors' runsheets can be automatically emailed or SMS'd from 3pm the day before. All the details are included and integrate with your phone's GPS for directions.

Students are automatically sent booking confirmations and reminders via emails and/or SMS. A full correspondence history is kept to remove any "I didn't get the message" excuses.

You can configure your correspondence to suit your style of communication.

Runsheet & SMS Reminder

Easy Invoicing

All you need to do is click "Email Invoice" and the system will generate the invoice and send it to the client using your custom email template.

A full history is kept of each student's invoices and email log.

One click invoicing is great while you're out on the road.

Simple and professional.

Track Client History

Keep Full Tabs on Your Clients

BookingTimes tracks all your students history including:

  • Lesson history - paid, unpaid & cancellations
  • Progress sheets
  • Contact & Emergency Contact details
  • Licence information
  • Pickup & drop off addresses
  • Account & Voucher balances
  • Client Notes
  • Full Emails & SMS tracking log
Track Client History

Reports & Commissions

There's loads of reports for every day of the week including:

  • Income breakdowns, income trends & forecasting
  • Outstanding payments
  • Instructor commission reports
  • Clients requiring follow up, client demographics, lists and more
  • Trend reports for everything including bookings, revenue, location activity, staff utilisation, services and cancellations
  • If there's a report you need which we don't have, we'll gladly create one for you.

We'll also calculate your instructor commissions for you and can handle different rates per instructor, lesson type and payment methods.



Marketing normally is thrown into the too hard basket. With the right tools, it can be much simpler.

Feedback Gathering

Whenever you send out an invoice, ask for feedback. Your students can enter their feedback directly on your website which will boost your SEO and add a testimonials for other students. The system will automatically send the student a thank you reply once published.

Targetted Emailing

You can mass email students or target specific sections eg. Send a targetted email to students who passed an automatic lesson 12 months ago and offer them an upgrade package to get their manual licence.

An even better strategy is to write your email in your blog to give you great SEO benefits which can be sucked directly into your marketing email saving you time.

Targetted SMS

You can send targetted SMS to your students for special offers to fill up blank spots in your schedule eg. This week only, $5 off your lesson with Pam.


Easy to Start

No doubt, it's a sounds daunting and time consuming... well it is for us.

We ask you for some business information, then we do everything including:

  • Creating your website on the BookingTimes platform.
  • Adding high quality, custom website content and images to make your business really shine.
  • Migrate all your data from your existing system.
  • Configuring all services.
  • Creating all your staff accounts.
  • Give you 1 on 1 training on how to use the system and get the most out of it.

All of that is done while you use your current systems without any interruption to you. When you're ready, we'll go live over the weekend with your latest data.

It will be as if you've been using BookingTimes for years.


Awesome Drive School - Central Coast

Jerry Van Wyk

Awesome Driving School cannot thank BookingTimes enough for our amazing new website! It is so much easier to use than our previous one and our clients agree also!

Thanks to the new easier online booking system, online bookings have increased more than 300% which we are so excited about!

It has been a breeze working with Adam and we highly recommend the BookingTimes system to everyone we know.

Jerry Van Wyk - Awesome Driving School

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