Automate Your Driving School

Turn on Cruise Control Scheduling

Single Place Scheduling

Single Place Scheduling

Having a single place to schedule your staff stops both double bookings plus the back-and-forth trying to find available time to book clients in with staff.

Each staff member can set their own daily schedule which accepts bookings from the office, the staff member and clients.

Booking details are easily seen at a glance and drilled in for detailed payment information, invoices, session notes and client information.

Single Place Scheduling

Payments & Invoicing

No matter if your staff are on the phone, road or office, they can take credit card payments anywhere.

A single click generates & sends your branded invoice to the client using your custom email template.

Tips, insurance numbers, VAT, GST and added tax are automatically handled, not to mention the numerous ways to customize individual invoices.

You can also package individual invoices into a bulk invoice for B2B invoicing.

Simple, consistent and professional.

Track Client History

Client Data & History

All of your client data can be easily searched, customized and segregated.

Everything from bookings, cancellations, payments, logins, emails, SMS and account & package balances are easily visible and tracked.

Not to mention you can easily track progress between bookings, store files and make detailed notes.

Track Client History
Session Documentation

Session Notes

For each client, you can document treatment notes, progress reports, phone calls, meetings and generate referral letters.

Setup templates for each type of service, plus drag & drop files, paste photos or click on the parts of the body for allied health practitioners.

Notes are saved in draft form every 15 seconds to ensure that you don't accidentally lose your work.

Session Documentation
Packages & Gifts

Vouchers Sold Everywhere

Your packages & gift vouchers can be sold online, over the phone or on the road. With just a few clicks, payment is taken, services allocated to a client and create a gift certificate.

Additionally, gift packages are great to sell on your website (especially during holiday seasons), turning the traditional holiday downtimes into business uptime.

Packages & Gifts

Marketing Automation

Nothing says to your client that you care, more than staying in contact with them.

Send your whole client base or targeted group a newsletter, marketing email & SMS from directly within the system.

Or maybe you want a sequence of emails over 3 months for every client who books in (or bought a specific product) so that they remember you when it comes time for a rebooking.


Runsheets & SMS Reminders

When a booking is made, you'll obviously to tell everyone - not because you're excited, but because you need everyone to show up at the right place at the right time.

Automatically send your staff their runsheets the night before and an SMS alert for any changes made on the day.

And send your clients are sent custom booking confirmations, cancellations, reminders and follow ups are via emails and SMS.

Room Allocation

Room / Vehicle Allocation

Vehicles can be allocated for each booking with overlapping resources highlighted to prevent double ups.

Or maybe you require specific equipment for a service, we'll make sure that extra bookings won't over allocate your equipment.

Room Allocation

Reports & Commissions

Turn those boring reports into something that makes life easier.

Track revenue, generate staff commissions with a click, find outstanding client payments, see staff utilization, find clients who need to use their vouchers and so much more.

If there's a report missing, let us know and we'll create it. Life was meant to be simple.

Single Place Scheduling

Streamlined Client Interactions

Your current website is great... except, your customers probably can't book directly on it, buy a gift certificate, leave feedback, print invoices or check their bookings.

We update your website to rank highly in Google & funnel customers to make a booking and purchase from you, directly on your website.

Website to Funnel

Easy to Start

The first step is to have a demo, see the system and make sure that it's right for your business. No pressure. No gimmicks.

We show you the upgraded version of your website so those online bookings will sell like hotcakes.

We configure everything, migrate any existing data and tweak anything not working the way you imagined.

Even though we have a solid knowledge base, we give you short training sessions over the first few weeks so that the transition isn't overwhelming.


Jerry Van Wyk

Jerry Van Wyk - Awesome Driving School

Awesome Driving School cannot thank BookingTimes enough for our amazing new website! It is so much easier to use than our previous one and our clients agree also!

Thanks to the new easier online booking system, online bookings have increased more than 300% which we are so excited about!

It has been a breeze working with them and we highly recommend the BookingTimes system to everyone we know.

Jerry Van Wyk - Awesome Driving School

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