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Payment Options

One of the highlights when running a business is getting paid.  You walk a little taller with a little more confidence that the latest business decisions you made were on target.

Getting paid over the internet used to be really difficult. PayPal initially made huge steps in online payments but it takes consumers off to their own website so you're no longer in control of the buying experience.  It's like shopping for shoes and then having to go to the bank to direct transfer the money across.

We've used a number of online payment providers over the years, but after frequently seeing the regular onboarding process take 6+ weeks it was time to look elsewhere.

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We've finally gotten around to launching our blog!

One of my greatest passions is to make your business succeed and provide overwhelming value for you!  So to help you to do that, we're going to help you with some great tips on how to gain new customers, improve customer retention and improve your business.

I hope you enjoy it and find some useful ideas for building your business.

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