Partners, Not Competitors

Adam Clinckett

Adam Clinckett

Founder / Software Guru

I started BookingTimes in 2010 with the simple goal of helping small businesses to have access to awesome software.

We now turn humble websites into incredible business tools where online bookings is just the start of the revolution.

By incorporating the best of industry practices with military grade tenacity, we've got you covered for quality, reliability and effectiveness.

Julian Biddle

Julian Biddle

Software Guru

I'm a software designer and developer with over 20 years experience in business software.

I like working with business owners to finding solutions that really do improve the services they deliver and make them money.

BookingTimes impresses me with features that really make a difference. I've seen the statistics and can see how it makes an impact.

When I'm not working on BookingTimes, I create educational software that allow parents and kids to learn together.

Sierra Smith

Sierra Smith

Content Wordsmith

Writing has been one of my favorite past times since I was a child. I love taking bits and pieces of ideas and stringing them together into a great story.

Sometimes that story revolves around a character and other times it revolves around an idea someone is trying to make reality, like creating a business.

When I'm not writing, I'm swooning over vintage dresses and helping my husband restore our 1923 bungalow.

Aaron Tan

Norence Tan

Brand Perception

My role is make sure that your branding shines through on your BookingTimes website.

I can use your existing corporate branding or create new logos and imagery to ensure that your website is a clear and professional reflection of your business.

I'm always excited to see our clients gaining new customers through the websites that we create.